Contact us and we’ll find the best solution for you!


Contact us and we’ll find the best solution for you!

Sales stages


The Buyer sends an email to or fills in the contact form on the website to express their interest in buying an apartment. We'll send the price offer to the Buyer. To reserve the apartment we will send reservation contract to Buyer for signing. The reservation made on an apartment becomes effective after the reservation fee (down payment) is received by Seller. Reservation fee is 3000 (three thousand) euros. Apartments are reserved for until the end of reservation contract deadline starting from the moment the reservation fee is received in the Seller’s bank account.

Contracts under law of obligation

A notarial contract of sale is made with the Buyer on the basis of the law of obligations which settles all the details of the transaction. The Buyer is required to pay 15% of the value of the deal to qualify for the contract.

Real right contract

When the apartment is ready for use, a notarial contract under the law of property is made, the Buyer pays the outstanding 85% and ownership of the apartment is transferred.

Terms of sale

The price of the contract includes

  • Preparedness of the apartment and the entire apartment building as well as the parking floor according to the project or the finishing package agreed on in the sales contract.
  • Fee for building and connecting to utility networks (electricity, water, sewage, heating pipes)
  • Preparedness for connecting to data, phone and surveillance communication, cable television or a digital network.

The contract price does not include

  • Notary fees and state fees related to entry into the sales contract (paid by the Buyer).
  • Connection fees related to data communication, cable television or digital network, phone and surveillance communication services.

The right to change the price

  • The seller reserves the right to change the price of unsold apartments
  • Amounts accompanying requested additional work and special projects are settled separately from the contract price according to the time limits set out by the Seller for performing modification work.
  • Modification work includes the cost of proceedings and the price of construction calculations related to particular modifications. Turn to our sales contacts for more information.


LHV Helps to fulfill the dream of a new home. The financial service provider is AS LHV Pank. Check the conditions at and consult an expert.


  • Graphic materials and images are illustrative in nature and may contain inaccuracies.
  • The layouts on the website and in the sales materials are illustrative and final apartment sizes may be subject to change.

Triple Net Capital A Partner You Can Rely On

Triple Net Capital is an Estonian-owned property development company. Our strongpoint is that we create high-quality, fully integrated living environments with carefully planned surrounding infrastructure and public space. In the six years we have been operating we have completed around 1000 striking apartments, with almost the same number again under development, plus 100,000 m² of commercial space. Our team is young and creative, with a diverse set of skills and a strong sense of ambition and drive. Whether working on apartments or business spaces, our passion is developing solutions that create value for all. Our willingness to take risks, our inventiveness and our determination to meet the client’s expectations make us reliable partners in every situation.

Our developments

Lutheri Kvartal

Lutheri Kvartal

A one-of-a-kind residential and commercial area in the historic Luther Quarter where rich history meets modern future.



A suburban residential quarter for families of all ages and sizes, next to Harku Manor and the forest.