Construction Information

Completion of buildings

Twelve apartment buildings will be erected in the residential area. The first phase will be completed in 2024 and phases II and III will be completed between 2024 and 2025.


Construction: AS Oma Ehitaja

Architecture: OÜ Puusepp & Mänd

Interior architecture: Superellips

Energy class of the building

Energy-efficient buildings carry the Energy Class B label.

Smart solutions

The utility systems of the apartment are preset to automatic heating and ventilation control. In addition, you can regulate the temperature of each room and the ventilation system for the entire apartment using a designated remote control. The apartment is equipped with video intercoms and automatic monthly meter-reading for electricity and hot and cold water (the system sends this information directly to the property manager).


The load-bearing structures of the building are supported on reinforced concrete strip foundation or raft foundation.

Ceilings and floors

Ceilings are made of reinforced concrete hollow core slabs. The ceilings are about 2.7-3 m, and about 2.4-2.7 m in the suspended ceiling zone.

Building walls

The exterior walls, the walls between the apartments and the walls between the apartments and the staircase are made of stone. The interior walls of the apartments are built on a metal frame. Bathroom walls are covered on both sides with double gypsum plasterboard for better sound insulation, while in the living areas, hard gypsum plasterboard is used. The inside of the walls is filled with mineral wool. Dry rooms are finished with paint, while wetrooms are fitted with ceramic tiles.

Façades and roofs

The buildings feature a combined façade solution, with the majority of the walls plastered and entrances as well as balcony and terrace corners covered with wood lining. The walls of the buildings are plastered in different tones, creating an integrated architectural concept. Façades and sloped roofs are accented with slate and rolled sheets.

Heating and cooling

The apartment buildings are equipped with ecofriendly geothermal heating systems. Geothermal heating has the smallest fixed costs of any heating type. The apartments feature comfortable and energy-efficient water-based underfloor heating, adjustable in every room separately. The manifold cabinets of heating pipes are installed on surface level in the hallway or utility room of the apartment.

In addition to heating, the geothermal heat pump system also supports cooling. This is done by cooling the floor surface. Bringing down the room temperature by cooling the floors ensures better indoor climate and this system is also more convenient to use than concentional cooling systems where cool air is blown into the room. This passive cooling solution brings relief in overheated rooms during the warm season.


Apartment-based mechanical ventilation with heat recovery ensures healthy indoor air-supply. In the kitchens, separate ducting is designed for hoods to direct air to the roof.

Water supply and sewerage

Hot water for the apartment building is generated in the boiler room: hot and cold water meters are installed in the bathrooms or behind suspended ceilings in the hallway. Water meter readings are taken automatically.


The electricity meter readings of the apartments are taken remotely and the meters are installed in a control room located on the first floor of the building. The apartment’s electrical cabinet is recessed into the hallway or utility room wall. Sockets, switches and data sockets will be installed in the apartments. Recessed LED luminaires will be installed in bathrooms and hallways.

Low current

The apartments have TV and internet cabling and are fitted with video intercoms. The low-current cabinet is located in the hallway.

Windows and doors

Nõmme Villas feature wooden-aluminium windows with selective glass. The apartments have wooden exterior doors. Interior doors are painted and on solid laminated timber frames.


Each apartment comes with a balcony or terrace. Balcony and terrace corners are covered with wood lining. Tinted glass is used for the balcony railings and float glass for the French balconies.


The buildings of Nõmme Villas at Käokõrva 1 // 2 // 5 // 6 // 11 // 12 are equipped with a lift to facilitate movement within the building. The penthouse apartment on the 3rd floor has a lift opening directly into the hallway.


The staircase entrances are flush with the ground, for comfortable access for all. The lift at Käokõrva 1 // 2 // 5 // 6 // 11 // 12 is located at the same level as the front door, so that persons with reduced mobility can also get home without any problems.

Car park and storage rooms

Each apartment comes with a storage room located on the 1st floor of the building. Storage rooms are between 4-5 metres in size. Parking places for residents are located on the property in a car park covered with turfstone and asphalt.


A safe, car-free, landscaped recreational area with playgrounds for young children is located between the buildings of Nõmme Villas. In addition, the adjacent plot will feature a volleyball court. A bicycle park will be created in front of the entrance to the building. This area is also suitable for storing scooters.

Charging facilities for electric vehicles

Every place in the car park will be equipped with facilities to support the completion of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The apartment association to be set up after the completion of the building will organise the installation of chargers, related cabling and additional power supply required for that purpose at the expense of those who apply for such chargers.

Interior finishing of common areas

The walls and ceilings of corridors and staircases are painted in light colours. The corridor floors are tiled. Mailboxes are installed in the foyer.

Interior finishing of apartments

When it comes to the interior finishing of the apartments, you can choose from three interior design packages. Parquet flooring will be installed in the rooms and bathroom and hallway floors will be tiled. In the stand-alone toilets and utility rooms, the walls will be finished according to the interior design solution. The walls and ceilings are painted in light colours. The ceiling is partly painted reinforced concrete panel and partly painted plasterboard suspended ceiling.